Studies that have estimated dog population sizes in a range of settings

Rinzin et al. 2016 "Size and demography pattern of the domestic dog population in Bhutan: Implications for dog population management and disease control."
Prev Vet Med. 126 p39-47.

Belo et al. 2015 "Population Estimation Methods for Free-Ranging Dogs: A Systematic Review."

PDF - 417.6 kb
Belo et al. 2015

Mustiana et al. 2015 “Owned and unowned dog population estimation, dog management and dog bites to inform rabies prevention and response on Lombok Island, Indonesia”

PDF - 643.6 kb
Mustiana et al 2015

Tenzin et al. 2015 "Free-roaming dog population estimation and status of the dog population management and rabies control program in Dhaka City, Bangladesh."

PDF - 326.2 kb
Tenzin et al. 2015 Bangladesh

Tenzin et al. 2015 "Comparison of mark-resight methods to estimate abundance and rabies vaccination coverage of free-roaming dogs in two urban areas of south Bhutan."
Prev Vet Med. 118: p436-48.

Downes at al. 2014 "Methods used to estimate the size of the owned cat and dog population: a systematic review."

PDF - 495.6 kb
Downs 2014 Methods Estimate Dog Population

- Belsare et al. 2013 "Assessing demographic and epidemiologic parameters of rural dog populations in India during mass vaccination campaigns."

- Dias et al. 2013 "Size and spatial distribution of stray dog population in the University of São Paulo campus, Brazil."

Hiby et al. 2013 "A mark-resight survey method to estimate the roaming dog population in three cities in Rajasthan, India."

PDF - 2.2 Mb
Hiby 2013 Recapture for dog estimate India

- Kayali et al. 2003 "Coverage of pilot parenteral vaccination campaign against rabies in N’Djaména, Chad."

PDF - 501.7 kb
Kayali et al 2003

- Matter et al. (2000). "Study of the dog population and the rabies control activities in the Mirigama area of Sri Lanka."

- Alves et al. 2005 "Estimation of the dog and cat population in the State of São Paulo."

PDF - 590.6 kb
Alves et al 2005

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