Studies quantifying the cost of dog vaccination campaigns

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PDF - 668.7 kb
Wallace 2017 Needs for achieving elimination by 2030

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PDF - 888.4 kb
Hasler et al 2014 Costs for Sri Lanka

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PDF - 369.1 kb
Abbas 2014 Cost Analysis Tamil Nadu

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PDF - 577.8 kb
Wera 2013 Costs of Culling and Control on Flores

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PDF - 899.3 kb
Zinsstag et al 2009
PDF - 107.2 kb
Zinsstag et al 2009_SupportingInfo1
PDF - 802.1 kb
Zinsstag et al 2009_SupportingInfo2

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PDF - 85.5 kb
Kayali et al 2006

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PDF - 1.4 Mb
Bogel & Meslin 1990

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