Public health and economic burden of rabies

Global Burden of Rabies

- Hampson et al. 2015. "Estimating the global burden of endemic canine rabies."

PDF - 1.2 Mb
Hampson et al. 2015
PDF - 76.5 kb
Hampson et al. 2015 correction

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- Shwiff et al. 2013, Potential economic benefits of eliminating canine rabies.

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Knobel et al 2005

- Coleman et al. 2004, "Estimating the public health impact of rabies."

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Coleman et al 2004

Burden and cost estimates for individual countries

- Jibat et al. 2016 “Incidence and economic impact of rabies in the cattle population of Ethiopia.”
Prev. Vet. Med.

- Sultanov et al. 2016 “Rabies in Kazakhstan.”

PDF - 1.2 Mb
Sultanov et al. 2016

- Vos et al. (2014) “Bovine rabies in Turkey: patterns of infection and implications for costs and control.”

PDF - 229.1 kb
Vos et al. 2014

- Suraweera et al. 2012, "Deaths from symptomatically identifiable furious rabies in India: a nationally representative mortality survey."

- Zinsstag et al 2009. "Transmission dynamics and economics of rabies control in dogs and humans in an African city"

PDF - 899.3 kb
Zinsstag et al 2009

- Tenzin et al. (2012) Human and animal rabies prevention and control cost in Bhutan, 2001-2008: The cost-benefit of dog rabies elimination.

- Sudarshan et al. 2007, "Assessing the burden of human rabies in India: results of a national multicenter epidemiological survey."

WHO Expert Consultation 2013

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