OIE vaccine bank for rabies

A regional vaccine bank in Asia was initially developed in Asia by the OIE, in response to the needs of developing countries for a reputable and low-cost source for canine vaccines against endemic rabies.

On World Rabies Day in 2012, the OIE made its first donation of 50,000 rabies vaccines to Lao PDR for a vaccination campaign conducted in five high-risk provinces. To receive low-cost or donated vaccines from the bank, priority is given to developing or low-income countries, who must support their request using epidemiological and logistical data to prove eligibility. The rabies vaccine donated to Laos was made through the OIE’s Regional Vaccine Bank for Asia and was supported by the European Union’s regional cooperation programme on Highly Pathogenic and Emerging and Re-emerging Disease in Asia (HPED).

For more information see the news story "OIE Regional Vaccine Bank for Asia provides 50,000 rabies vaccines for Lao PDR dog vaccination campaign"

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OIE vaccine donation to Laos

Building on it success in Asia, with the support of other donors, the vaccine bank has now been extended to accept applications from other OIE Member Countries. It has delivered 15.9 million doses of vaccines to 26 countries between 2012 and 2016. The Rabies Vaccine Bank aims to act as a catalyst in designing and implementing national rabies elimination strategies. Vaccine donations enable countries to focus their resources on other necessary costs, such as implementation of the vaccination programmes, raising awareness of the disease, managing stray dog populations, and increasing access to treatment for humans.

For more details see
- the OIE’s brochure "OIE VACCINE BANK FOR RABIES. Vaccinating dogs today to save human lives tomorrow. HOW DOES IT WORK?"

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OIE Vaccine Bank brochure

- the explanatory video "OIE Rabies Vaccine Bank: Vaccinating dogs today to save human lives tomorrow"

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