Ministry of Health and rabies education in school curricula

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Bohol Rabies Prevention Manual Photo GARC

The Departments of Education and Health play an important role in rabies education in the Philippines. The inclusion of rabies education into school curricula started with a round table discussion with some teachers, followed by intensive planning, a workshop to develop lesson plans, orientation/training of teachers, and pilot testing of the developed lesson plans for 6 months. Data on the rabies situation in the country coupled with the remarkable results of the pilot programmes (including community responses) prompted the Department of Health to include rabies education in curricula within the rabies budget.

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Ilocos Norte Teachers Manual (Photo GARC)

As a result, teacher training manuals have been developed for several provinces in the Philippines (e.g. Bohol and Ilocos Norte) that provide lesson plans on how to integrate rabies awareness and education with the current elementary school curriculum. The Ilocos Norte Rabies Prevention Program Manual on Grade School Integration and Instruction was distributed to schools throughout the region in early 2014 and will be the basis of child-centric rabies-prevention education to help prevent rabies transmission and to raise disease awareness in this highly vulnerable population. Other provinces that are in the process of developing teacher training manuals include Palawan.

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