Legal arbitration process benefits control in Kisumu, Kenya

In this programme, the District Veterinary Officer developed an arbitration process within the provision of the Kenyan law to make the owners of the offending unvaccinated dogs meet the cost of rabies PEP for the bite victims. This approach is possible because village elders are able to trace the households owning the offending dogs. The arbitration strategy enables the dog owners to understand the risks associated with bites from their unvaccinated dogs. Dog owners have opted to meet the cost of PEP rather than get charged in a court of law, for failing to vaccinate their dogs under the Rabies Act or criminal negligence under the Kenya Penal code. Between April 2010 and April 2011, a total of 72 cases were successfully arbitrated and the owners of the dogs met the cost of treatments. The strategy has led to a higher response by dog-owners seeking dog vaccination from the vet department.

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