Guidelines for euthanasia

- Guidelines for Euthanasia WSPA (now World Animal Protection)

PDF - 348.8 kb
Euthanasia WSPA

- HSUS Euthanasia Reference Manual

PDF - 8.4 Mb
HSUS Euthanasia Reference Manual

- Guidelines for Euthanasia EU Commission

PDF - 251.7 kb
Euthanasia EC Part1
PDF - 328.7 kb
Euthanasia EC Part2

- OIE guidelines on stray dog population control

PDF - 87.7 kb
Stray dog control OIE

WSPA = World Society for the Protection of Animals (now World Animal Protection)
HSUS = The Humane Society of the United States
EU = European Union
OIE = World Organisation for Animal Health

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