Examples of effective canine rabies control through domestic dog vaccination

Harischandra et al. 2016 “Sri Lanka takes action towards a target of zero rabies death by 2020”

PDF - 245.5 kb
Harischandra et al. 2016

Ortiz-Prado et al. 2016 "Rabies Epidemiology and Control in Ecuador"

PDF - 820.6 kb
Ortiz-Prado et al. 2016

WHO/OIE/FAO 2015 "The Rationale for investing in the global elimination of dog-mediated human rabies"

PDF - 1005.2 kb
The Rationale for Investing 2015

Vigilato et al. 2013 "Progress towards eliminating canine rabies: policies and perspectives from Latin America and the Caribbean."

PDF - 463.7 kb
Vigilato 2013 Progress towards eliminating canine rabies

Vigilato et al. 2013 "Rabies update for Latin America and the Caribbean."

PDF - 283.1 kb
Vigilato 2013 Rabies update for LAC

Putra et al. 2013 "Response to a rabies epidemic, Bali, Indonesia, 2008-2011."

PDF - 480.3 kb
Putra 2013 Response to a rabies epidemic Bali

Lapiz et al. 2012 "Implementation of an intersectoral program to eliminate human and canine rabies: the Bohol Rabies Prevention and Elimination Project."

PDF - 476.3 kb
Lapiz 2012 Bohol Rabies Prevention and Elimination Project

Kaare et al. 2009 "Evaluating strategies for effective rabies domestic dog vaccination in rural Africa."

Kitala et al. 2002 "Comparison of vaccination strategies for the control of dog rabies in Machakos District, Kenya. "

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