Examples of dog ecology surveys

Hergert et al. 2016 "Risk factors associated with non-vaccination rabies status of dogs in KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa."
Veterinary Medicine: Research and Reports 7: p75—83

PDF - 948.9 kb
Hergert et al. 2015

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Morters et al. 2014 "Participatory methods for the assessment of the ownership status of free-roaming dogs in Bali, Indonesia, for disease control and animal welfare.
Prev Vet Med. 116:p 203-8

PDF - 383.1 kb
Morters et al. 2014

Kitala et al. 2001 "Dog ecology and demography information to support the planning of rabies control in Machakos District, Kenya."
Acta Trop. 78: p217–230.

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