Examples of Knowledge, Attitude and Practice (KAP) Studies on Rabies

Click on the links below to view some examples:

Davlin SL et al. 2014, "Knowledge, attitudes, and practices regarding rabies in Filipinos following implementation of the Bohol Rabies Prevention and Elimination Programme."

Sambo et al. 2013, "The burden of rabies in Tanzania and its impact on local communities."

PDF - 288.4 kb
Sambo 2013 Burden in Tanzania and Costs to Households

Prakash et al. 2013, "Rabies menace and control - An insight into knowledge, attitude and practices."

PDF - 285 kb
Prakash 2013 Rabies Menace and Control

Hergert and Nel. 2013, "Dog bite histories and response to incidents in canine rabies-enzootic KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa."

PDF - 1.1 Mb
Hergert 2013 Dog Bite Histories South Africa

Jemberu et al. 2013, "Incidence of rabies in humans and domestic animals and people’s awareness in North Gondar Zone, Ethiopia."

PDF - 149.1 kb
Jemberu 2013 NTD Incidence in Humans and Domestic Animals

Herbert M et al. 2012, "Community perception regarding rabies prevention and stray dog control in urban slums in India."

Tenzin et al. 2012, "Community-based study on knowledge, attitudes and perception of rabies in Gelephu, south-central Bhutan."

Matibag et al. 2007, "Knowledge, attitudes, and practices survey of rabies in a community in Sri Lanka."

Ichhpujani et al. 2006, "Knowledge, attitude and practices about animal bites and rabies in general community - a multi-centric study."

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