Evidence of safe and effective vaccination of puppies

Morters et al. 2015 "Effective vaccination against rabies in puppies in rabies endemic regions."

PDF - 432.6 kb
Morters et al. 2015 puppies

Barratt et al. 2001 "Is it possible to vaccinate young canids against rabies and to protect them?"

PDF - 177.6 kb
Barrat et al. 2001

Chappuis 1998 "Neonatal immunity and immunisation in early age: lessons from veterinary medicine."
Vaccine. 16:1468-72.

Aghomo et al. 1990 "The serological response of young dogs to the Flury LEP strain of rabies virus vaccine."
Vet Res Commun. 1990;14(5):415-25.

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