Capture-mark-recapture methods for estimating vaccination coverage

Sambo et al. 2017 "Comparing Methods of Assessing Dog Rabies Vaccination Coverage in Rural and Urban Communities in Tanzania."

PDF - 1.6 Mb
Sambo et al. 2017

Tenzin et al. 2015 "Comparison of mark-resight methods to estimate abundance and rabies vaccination coverage of free-roaming dogs in two urban areas of south Bhutan."
Prev Vet Med. 118: p436-48.

Tenzin et al. 2015 "Free-roaming dog population estimation and status of the dog population management and rabies control program in Dhaka City, Bangladesh."

PDF - 326.2 kb
Tenzin et al. 2015 Bangladesh

Gibson et al 2015. "Vaccinate-assess-move method of mass canine rabies vaccination utilising mobile technology data collection in Ranchi, India."

PDF - 673.2 kb
Gibson et al. 2015

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