An example of rabies awareness programmes where the Department of Education played an important role and the collaboration with the veterinary services was critical

On the occasion of World Rabies Day 2008, the Puerto Rico Veterinary Medical Association and the Department of Education worked together for the first time to raise awareness about rabies amongst more than 200,000 students. Their effort involved the production of 600 DVDs (in collaboration with the Field Epidemiology Program of the Department of Health) targeted at pupils from kindergarten to 11th grade containing information about rabies worldwide and in Puerto Rico, vaccination/basic health care of pets (including legal requirements) and emergency preparedness. Children and teachers were also encouraged to create an event to learn and teach others. The most creative projects were posted on popular websites, and received media coverage (including local newspapers and TV). The “winners” were invited to visit veterinary clinics in their communities. Pilot programmes were also planned to integrate public and animal health subjects into elementary school curricula.

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