An example of central-point vaccination programmes

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Children waiting for their dogs to be vaccinated

Mobile teams vaccinate free of charge over 30,000 dogs each year in agro-pastoralist villages adjacent to the Serengeti National Park (north-western Tanzania). The vaccination date is communicated to dog owners a week in advance through letters to village authorities and by posting posters at popular places. An advertising team delivers a reminder one day before the vaccination. On the vaccination day a temporary vaccination station is set up at a central village location.

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Advertising of campaigns in northern Tanzania

Dogs brought by owners are registered, vaccinated by injection, fitted with temporary collars and certificates for each dog vaccinated are given to owners. This strategy has repeatedly achieved a vaccination coverage of at least 70%.

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Central-point campaigns in northern Tanzania - Dog registration, vaccination, fitting of temporary collars and issue of vaccination certificates for each vaccinated dog

Photos courtesy of the Serengeti Carnivore Disease Project

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