Studies demonstrating the feasibility of canine rabies elimination

Conan et al. (2015) Population Dynamics of Owned, Free-Roaming Dogs: Implications for Rabies Control.

PDF - 1.9 Mb
Conan et al. 2015

Morters et al. (2014) Achieving population-level immunity to rabies in free-roaming dogs in Africa and Asia.

PDF - 631.3 kb
Morters et al. 2014 Popn. level immunity

Fitzpatrick et al. (2012) Potential for rabies control through dog vaccination in wildlife-abundant communities of Tanzania.

PDF - 302 kb
Fitzpatrick 2012 Rabies Control through dog vaccination

Lembo et al (2010) The feasibility of canine rabies elimination in Africa: dispelling doubts with data.

PDF - 435.7 kb
Lembo et al. 2010

Hampson et al. (2009) Transmission dynamics and prospects for the elimination of canine rabies.

PDF - 454.2 kb
Hampson et al 2009

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