Studies on the cost and cost-effectiveness of different PEP vaccination strategies

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PDF - 186.4 kb
Salahuddin et al. 2016

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PDF - 523.5 kb
Hatam 2014 PEP Cost Effectiveness Iran

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PDF - 369.1 kb
Abbas 2014 Cost Analysis Tamil Nadu

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PDF - 398.3 kb
Salve 2014 Cost Effective PEP Rural India

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PDF - 288.4 kb
Sambo 2013 Burden in Tanzania and Costs to Households

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PDF - 1.1 Mb
Hampson et al 2011

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PDF - 289.5 kb
Verma et al. 2011

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PDF - 1.3 Mb
Shim 2009 Cost effective PEP Tanzania

Knobel et al 2005

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