A puppet show on rabies prevention

In Marikina City and Cainta, two project sites in the Philippines for the Global Alliance for Rabies Control (GARC), puppet shows are being used as a novel way to educate children about rabies prevention. Held in public elementary schools, the shows reach out to school kids from ages 4 to 12 years old.

Through the initiative of the City Veterinary Office of Marikina City, a local artist group Pinoy Malikhain (Creative Filipino) created the puppets as well as the story for the show. A narrator facilitates lively exchanges with the children after each show to reinforce the messages on rabies prevention and responsible pet ownership.

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Courtesy of the Global Alliance for Rabies Control

The children learn about rabies in a fun and interactive way as they are engaged in a story about a pet dog (Bantay) that roamed in the streets to look for his friend dog (Tagpi) and then encounters a rabies-infected dog (Bogart) while roaming in the streets.

Information about how humans and animals can be infected with rabies was integrated in the story. Key messages on animal bite management (what animal bite victims should do and what to do with the biting animal), vaccination and responsible pet ownership were emphasized in the story of the puppet show.

After the puppet show the children were asked questions to reinforce the messages on responsible pet ownership and rabies prevention. Prizes, such as school supplies like pencils and notebooks, were given to children who participated in the question and answer part of the program.

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