5.5.2. Who should receive pre-exposure prophylaxis?

Who should receive PrEP when starting a canine rabies control program?
All people in potential contact with dogs during the control programme or in contact with potentially infectious tissue, for example in a diagnostic laboratory.

I am planning to bring a pet dog home. Should all of my family members receive PrEP?
No. You should ensure that the dog has not been exposed to rabies virus before and that it is vaccinated with an effective, high quality canine rabies vaccine. As a responsible pet ownership, you should ensure that it is kept current on its rabies vaccination after the initial vaccination. You should also teach your family, especially children, how to treat the dog properly and to tell a parent if they are ever bitten by any animal.

Should I vaccinate my children?
PrEP vaccination of children should be considered only if they live in an area at high risk for enzootic rabies and with a high incidence of dog bites in children and where PEP is not promptly available. You should educate your children about how to treat pets, how to avoid being bitten by community dogs, and that they need to tell an adult if they were bitten, scratched or licked by a dog.

PrEP = Pre-exposure prophylaxis
PEP = Post-exposure prophylaxis

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