5.4.12. How many people are needed on an average vaccination day?

It depends on the size of the village and accessibility of households by road. A team of four people/village at a central-point vaccination station should be sufficient to complete the tasks of dog registration, certificate writing, and vaccine administration for between 100 and 1000 dogs/day. However, if numbers of people with their dogs are low (less than 100), two people can easily carry out the tasks. For mobile vaccinations on motorbikes and house-to-house campaigns, 2-4 people are needed for dog capture and handling, 1-2 people are needed to inject the vaccination, and 1-2 people are needed for record keeping and communicating with the community. Therefore, the make-up of teams should be flexible based on estimated numbers and may need to be adjusted based on turnouts during initial campaigns. The vaccination station and personnel should be under the supervision or responsibility of a veterinarian.

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