4.3.3. Measuring the impact: how have the messages changed how people act?

This can only be assessed over time. If your goal is simply to improve what people know about rabies, then an outcome evaluation (4.3.2) is sufficient, immediately after the messages have been delivered. However, if you want to provide evidence that your messages have actually changed people’s behaviour, as well as what they know, you will need to:

- Gather data at some point in the future, perhaps six months or a year after the messages have been delivered
- Measure it against something which can tell you whether things have really changed. For example, do people know more about rabies and has this reduced the number of dog bites or increased the number of people seeking treatment/bringing their dogs for vaccination?

For example, you could repeat the same KAP survey on people’s knowledge, attitudes and practices, and gather data on dog bites, treatment or vaccination:

  • Before you deliver the messages
  • Immediately after you deliver the messages
  • At least once at a point somewhere in the future, perhaps six months or a year

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