4.3.1. Process evaluation

Process evaluation is usually initiated during the implementation phase and helps to track how well your initiative functioned, considering factors like partner involvement, media response, how well you reached your target population, and how well you were able to remain within budget. Bear in mind that this can tell you a lot about the scale of your campaign, but does not provide evidence of whether it has changed the way people act.

Here are some examples of questions you can ask, depending on the type of campaign:

  • How many areas/localities participated in rabies prevention activities?
  • How many events took place?
  • How many people participated in these events?
  • How many of your target group (e.g. children/farmers) were made more aware of rabies prevention?
  • How many community groups/members of target communities participated in events or promoted rabies prevention messages?
  • How many government agencies groups participated in events or promoted rabies prevention messages?
  • How many partners participated in events or promoted rabies prevention messages?
  • How many international agencies collaborated in your project (e.g. OIE, WHO, FAO)?
  • If you had a project website, how many people visited it, and how long did they stay?
  • How many people downloaded materials from your website, if they were available?
  • How many people asked questions (e.g. in person,by phone or email)?
  • How many awareness materials were distributed?
  • How many people did you and your partners reach via email lists or social media?
  • How many media articles or news reports covered your project?
  • How many people are likely to have read about your project in the media?
  • How many partners are willing to work with you again?
  • Was the expense justified by the outcomes?

    You can also ask qualitative questions by asking for feedback from participants and partners, such as:

  • Did you consider the campaign well-organised?
  • Did you think the messages were appropriate to the culture?
  • Did the partnership help further your own work?
  • What would you change about the campaign if it were to be repeated?

OIE = World Organisation for Animal Health
WHO = World Health Organization
FAO = Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations

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