4.2.8. Launching the campaign

At the point where you are ready to launch your campaign, you should ask yourself a number of questions:

  • How, when and where should we announce the campaign for the greatest impact?
  • Who are we aiming to impress with the campaign? Invite important audiences to the launch, such as funders, politicians, local decision-makers and – most importantly – representatives of the groups you hope to reach.
  • Should we have an event with the launch? This can help raise the profile of the campaign.
  • How do we obtain media coverage?
  • Which partners need to be included in the launch, and how do they wish to be acknowledged/thanked?
  • Can you persuade a respected celebrity to take part in the campaign? In India, for example, a well-known cricketer helped to raise the profile of a rabies prevention campaign. Singers are another example.
  • How can we maintain media and partner interest in the campaign long-term?

    Click here for an implementation checklist.

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