3.3.1. How much is a dog vaccination programme going to cost?

The cost of dog vaccination campaigns following a central-point vaccination strategy (which is the most cost-effective strategy) typically ranges between $2.00 - 7.00 US per dog vaccinated in a range of rural and urban settings as shown in these studies. This includes vaccine costs as well as consumable costs (vaccine, syringes, needles, certificates, registers, collars, stationery), delivery (staff costs, transport), storage (fridges, cool boxes), and sometimes societal costs (days of work lost) are also included. Usually the cost of the vaccine is a small fraction of the total cost of delivery programmes, with salary and transport accounting for most of the costs incurred (see Elser et al. reference here).

Costs/dog vaccinated are likely to increase sigificantly in rural areas with low population densities, or where the number of vaccinations carried out is low. Generally as programmes become more established the cost of vaccinating each dog drops.

Costs of house-to-house vaccination campaigns tend to be more expensive and vary widely between different communities, but may be necessary in some situations to reach sufficient vaccination coverage.

Not all consumables may be needed for every vaccination programme. The cost (in terms of money and/or staff time involved) of some consumables (for example dog collars) may not benefit the success of the campaign enough to be justified. Careful consideration of the time involved is necessary to increase the efficiency of campaigns, for example information on vaccination certificates could be pre-printed, so it does not need to be filled out by the vaccination team.

There may be opportunities to reduce costs, for example, through involvement of volunteers or community assistants in the vaccination campaign (described here), and careful consideration of logistics and transport costs. Well planned synchronized campaigns (described here) may also reduce costs.

It is important that costs are accurately recorded so that cost-benefit analyses of the campaign can be conducted at a later date.

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