3.2.7. How do I notify authorities of a rabies case?

For a human rabies case:
The Board of Health, upon receiving a report of a suspect or confirmed human case of rabies, should immediately report to the Ministry of Health. The notification should be made verbally and data pertaining to each human case should be reported by any other method specified by the ministry within 24 hours of notification.

For an animal rabies case:
Country veterinary services should be immediately contacted to request advice on the most appropriate method to notify a suspected or a confirmed case of rabies in animals. For the purpose of notification to the OIE, the veterinary authorities shall send the information to the OIE headquarters through the World Animal Health Information System (WAHIS). More information are available at the OIE website.

For further detail on what information should be included in the report, see Section 6.4 of the Rabies Surveillance Blueprint.

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