3.2.11. What laws and by-laws may be useful in ensuring a successful dog rabies control programme?

Laws and regulations relevant to dog rabies control programmes may include responsible dog ownership (including mandatory registration and identification, and vaccination requirements), regulations on the breeding and sale of dogs, control/removal of unowned dogs, control of dog movements/relocations, tie-up orders, regulations to control rubbish disposal and disposal of waste at facilities that may produce offal (e.g. slaughter houses, fisheries, dairy farms), abandonment legislation and dog culling. In many countries some of these laws exist, but there may not be compliance. Successful enforcement can be achieved through education about legislation at all levels (from law enforcement bodies to relevant professionals and the general public who need to be aware of laws in order to comply).

An example of a programme where legislation enforcement has benefited a control programme comes from Kisumu, Kenya.

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WSPA = World Society for the Protection of Animals (maintenant World Animal Protection/Protection mondiale des animaux)

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